little handmade

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do you know that all my shop cards are handmade by me, one by one, cutting papers, putting stamps and then adding shop info stickers on the papers to finish the shop cards



  1. i've just discovered your blog and i wanted you to know that for me your work is delightful . . so delicate . . i love that it's all handmade . . really beautiful !!!!

  2. hello ale, nice to meet you :]

  3. Hi Oly,

    I love your blog so much! Everything you do is so cute and special... handmade and with so much of your own love & humble patience. Thank you for sharing your work, your process and stories about your life in your beautiful blog.

    Christine :)

  4. these little cards are sooo sweet and yes, i agree(w above) everything you do on your blog is cute and special!

  5. Anonymous2/25/2012

    Beautiful cards. Handmade is so important these days because it represents a small part of the person that made it and that is very special