room talk ( tokyo package )

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a few days ago, i received this beauuutiful package from my dear tokyo girl friend, the lovelyhiki ( a ri ga to ! )

as you can see, hiki sent my some of the photo books and zine that she made

after meeting her in person during our tokyo trip, i can tell you, that hiki is as elegant and tasteful as her designs, photos, and the way that she handles her online shop orders

i feel so so so lucky to have meet such a lovely girl who is an ocean away



  1. Wow, that sure is some gorgeous mail!

  2. Cute packaging.

    ♥ sécia

  3. aaaaa oly!
    i'm glad you received the package, i had been wondering if it reached you well. thank you for the post, you make these look extra good. (i'm not elegant nor tasteful! but you are so sweet i'm happy to have met you in person too ;)

  4. really like the shape of the clip !

  5. dear oly,
    i really like your blog,
    can i add your blog's link to my bloger?
    many thanks !

  6. oooh how sweet!
    i cant wait to meet her too in tokyo!