room talk


both mori and yama got sick, we took them to see the doctor today, i wish they get well very very very soon

- - -

besides that, we have lots of things done today, as well. axel finally applied for the chinese course ( !!! ) and we went to the photo lab to have his 80 photos of paris, hong kong, tokyo and taipei, to be developed into 10x8 inches size photo paper ( wooolala ! ) and and ! we also went to the printing house asking them to print the flyers for his first solo photo exhibition ( called bring the noise ! ) in august ! we will manage to hold this photo exhibition in some other different cities around the little island, too ( !!!!!!! )

we will be traveling with the photos with the photos that he took during our trips


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  1. ohh, really hope mori and yama are better now! i wish them well! <3

    great news about the exhibition and travel photography! omedetou!