room talk

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busy busy day today, finally got the new stamps of my recent drawings, all 13 of them ( !!! ) riding my bike here and there to get things done, and even manage to find myself this beauuuuuuutiful summer long long dress from my favorite shop in town ( called romis )
it makes me so so so happy !

what makes you so very happy lately ?

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i wish you all have a happy happy weekend, dear boys and girls



  1. i have been swamped. busy busy. what makes me happy right now is the thought of going home and curling up with my cats and a book.

    your blog is always beautiful. gorgeous dress!

  2. That dress is the stuff of summer dreams! Lovely.

  3. Anonymous6/05/2011

    Happy summer! :D
    The dress is so lovely. :)

  4. Today I´m very happy since my oldest son is coming home from camp! Lovely dress! :-)

  5. that is a BEAUTIFUL DRESS!!!
    great find! love the colour and print!