mori and yama


his name is yama, it means mountain in japanese
he's very quiet and gentle, you can pat pat him on his belly if you want to

- - -


her name is mori, it means forest in japanese
she's very wild and boyish, and not afraid of adventures !

- - -


so, instead of bringing some plants home with us from the flower market, this time, we found these two furry friends to join our little family ! they are about 2 to 3 months old now.

the names we give them are inspired by the name of axel's favorite japanese photogrpher, daido moriyama.

this is something new for me, i don't have much experience of having pet ever since i was kid, not mention, cats, and two of them !

i guess you can imagine how happy i am right now !

( and even already create a facebook page for them )

( meow meow )



  1. my goodness. how cute they are! wow! congratulations oly and axel, what an amazing saturday for you :)

  2. They are adorable ...
    how not to crack!
    good weekend

  3. awww! how cute! i've been wanting a kitten for so long now. how happy i am that you have new family members : )
    i'm going to check out their facebook page ^_^

  4. I wish you happiness with these two cuties!
    I love cats!

  5. they are way too cute!!!!

  6. They're sooo cute, like every small furry animal. I had to put to sleep my cat last year, in july, still miss her so much that I better don't start...
    Enjoy in their games, sit and watch, all you can do is smile!

  7. Oly, soooo cute! And you know that Mori just looks like our little Stip!

    Ot got this little one as a present for his birthday.
    Enjoy these two ( i wished we brought the other one aswell....)

  8. congratulations!! so cute!!
    you made a facebook page just for them??!!
    hahahah!! wow