let's travel together

dear boys and girls,

axel ( my french boy ) and i are gonna take off and go on for short trips about 2 weeks. one week in paris, and the second week in tokyo. paris is for the funeral of axel's big brother, and as for tokyo, well, since we havn't had our honeymoon yet, so little honeymoon trip it is

life is too short, we shall cherish our time, and enjoy and be happy together with the ones that we love and have fun

take care of yourselves and your love ones, and be good, be happy, okay ?



  1. have a nice trip!! and honeymoon in tokyo sounds so nice! :)

  2. are these photos of you? you look waay cool : )

  3. dear yu-i,
    xie xie ni ! we both absolutely can not wait to be in tokyo !

    dear lina,
    oh yes yes, thank you so so much :D