axel says " thank you ! " for all of the kind and warm messages on the last post, he's doing well and it looks very promising that we can go back to our little home very very soon !


one more little news !

in february, we will fly back to france and live with his parents in a small town that's one hour train away from paris for a few months. my mother in law is not so well these days because she has lung cancer, so we're gonna spend as much time as possible with her

our original plan was taking off on the last day of january before the crazy chinese new year vacation starts, but now because of axel's new condition, he can't take air plane at least within one month, because the pressure in the plane will crash his lung if he wasn't fully recovered. so, changing plan, we will leave in february

life is fulled of surprises, good or bad, happy or sad, we shall try and do our best to live in the moment, and enjoy whatever life brings us, and cherish the time with our love ones


i know that i've already said it once, but i just wanna say it one more time,

i wish you all have a great year with lots of fun and good health, dear dear boys and girls all around the world



  1. I feel sad to hear this but like you said that whatever happen,to be with your love one is the great moment.

    I wish everything is getting better and better to you and people who you love.

    I guess words from stranger(like me) not really make it better but...I really want to send great wish to you.

    I will be here,try to support you.

  2. GOOD NEWS! So you can meet Lili :)
    Please hide me in your pocket and take to France!

    Happy 2011***

  3. <3

    Make it happy and cozy where ever you are and things will heal by themselves.

    Happy New Year dear Oly.

    Greetings from snowy landscapes .

  4. Wish both of you be strong & happy!
    happy new year

  5. i'm sorry to hear you both did not have a good start of the year and have to spend time in the hospital. But glad that he is better already! I wish you better and loving times in this year!!

    And how very inspiring words about taking life as it is and live in the present!!

    Thank you for sharing little bits of your life and sparks with us!!!

  6. I 'm happy to learn that Axel get better !!
    take care of you and I wait for you in Paris...

  7. Happy New year and may it be filled with love and friendship and A R T..

  8. Dear Oly,
    I wish you both all the best and a beautiful time in France. (Me and my family will spend our summer at the atlantic coast at Moliet plage.)
    I hope everything for you will work out as good as possible.
    Yesterday your beautiful package reached my place. Thank you so much. Me and my 12 year old daughter had a wonderful time to discover all the little treasures you put inside. Thank you again.
    I will post about you in the next days since I love your art and the way of making and seeing your world.
    And again, all the best for your family.

  9. I'm so happy he is better! Have a nice trip to France. Will miss you.
    Love Love