so many things to do, so many things on my mind, so many things need to be thinking of, i wish i don't have to sleep

- - -

in the photo, making╱cutting╱stamping╱pasting╱sewing the new little book no.02, so very handmade, they make me very happy

- - -

dear boys and girls far far away, how are you doing these days ?

i just wanna say good night night to all of you no matter where you are right now

sweet dreams



  1. Looking forward to more images on your notebook! Looks cute! All the cute stamps are reminding me of my recent trip to Japan. Am already missing the amazing country but at least I get to relive it through my postings.

  2. Is that all because I bought the little book # 1? I can´t wait to hold it in my hands, ;-), best Antje