the new and old cups╱bowls in our family

- - -

i just made some black coffee for axel, my french boy, who just started his brand new photo diary blog here we go again


axel and i had a very nice time today

we went to the place where our current exhibition is happening, they always have very deliiiiiiiicious desserts, and good coffee in good good good looking cups

makes me so happy

and then we went to this very very very amazing japanese bookstore 淳久堂/jun ku do, there are so so so so so so so many japanese books and magazines that i wanna bring home with us, such as this little book room talk 2

- - -

but at the end ( after 2 hours in the bookstore ) i didn't get anything from the bookstore

why ?

because we found some other cute little things that are much more worthy to bring home with us at this very moment to celebrate the very new chapter our life together ( oh, ouiiiiiii, we just got married this tuesday in my home town in the southern old city )

i'll show you some more pictures in the next post

bonne nuit
good night night