exact one week ago

my french boy and i were getting ready for our third exhibition together

if you happened to be near taipei city this month, please come and visit our exhibition


very late lunch at mogu ╱ have a boo day shop, where our exhibition is

last sunday we went to a cafe opening party

an old friend, maygo, open her very own cafe, called megane
( means glasses in japanese ), and it's almost two weeks old now

i just adore her megane cafe

for monique

little souvenir packages exchange from the everyday little trips

how are you all doing these days ?

i wonder

for now you can jump to my little inspiration notebook, i've made some new posts over there

i'll try to catch up some more news with you soon, i promise

and i wish you well, dear boys and girls



  1. I have this set of origami paper too!!!
    I love them so much!!!

    You alway have a great job Oly!

  2. oh wow, everything looks so great!
    i feel inspired!
    happy weekend :)

  3. good luck with the exhibition, it's looking great

  4. I've been visiting for a while now. Just saying hi and congrats on your exhibition. One of these days I must order something from you for myself as a treat!