in our little house

it was 7 o'clock in the morning,
the day after the opening tea party of our little exhibition

there are beautiful flowers and plants from friends who came to visit us at the party

and a very cute little deer, as well

the little masking tape family is growing slowly,
and it makes me so very happy

one of the best place to get the masking tape is, of course, dear hiki's lovely online shop, uguisu

it was chinese moon festival last wednesday,
we had tea and moon cake together

but it's not autumn at all, still hot as if so very summer every every day

so the chaos is over ( for now ),
i'm finally back to the normal everyday routines

i'll speed up the working pace and try to share you more about my life

until then,
please take good care of yourself, and and be happy , my dear friends



  1. your photos are always so magical.

  2. ahh nice things in your place!
    i like zakka too!!

  3. hey oly!
    thank you for using uguisu and mentioning here!
    glad the package reached you nice and safe :)
    your space looks so lovely!

  4. Anonymous9/29/2010

    I like how you have little animals everywhere... that just touched me :)

  5. i hate that this post ended already. :(
    LOVELY oly,