2009╱12╱11╱★5 - 2010╱02╱08╱★1

everyday life
in paris

1st roll of films ╱ set 01


i gave myself some surprise gifts from the past, some rolls of films taken during my stays in paris for two months about half year ago

i didn't have them developed right away when i came back home for a reason, i wanna keep the sense of memory of paris as long as i could

so here they are now, one by one, reminding me of those crazy cold winter days in pars, and all those tiny little details i might had missed and not noticed while i was there, now i can see them more clearly, all those moods, and all those lights, they are all back now

these two were taken at le marché aux puces de vanves on my second day of stays in paris

if you're interested in ordering any of these ( or others of mine ) photos in film paper, please contact me for more informations
( dearoly [ at ] gmail.com )


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