day 48 ╱ part 5

everyday life
in paris

a silent little piece of heaven la grande galerie de i'évolution


2009╱12╱11╱★5 - 2010╱02╱08╱★1

everyday life
in paris

2nd roll of films ╱ set 4

in memory of

今   敏
kon satoshi 
╱ 1963╱10╱12 - 2010╱08╱24

personal website

3 of the animation movies directed and wrote by kon satoshi

millennium actress
tokyo godfather



the new ceramic babies that we brought home with us from the sunday short short trip to yingge

i think they belong to each other, don't you think so too ?



if you find yourself loving any one of them, and wish to have the same for your home sweet home, please feel free to write to me to ask and place an order, i'd be happy to go on a short trip someday to that lovely small ceramic town again to bring it back for you !

happy happy fresh brand new week, dear boys and girls !

i wish you all have a fun fun summer but almost autumn ( or winter almost spring ?!! ) time !




sunday afternoon, we went for a short short trip to the small town, yingge, which is famous for their porcelain and ceramics works

we had a great time, and found many beautiful treasures to bring home with us, that i will show you in the next post

and oh oh this song is sooo sooo cute, a good day
( as a result of listening to it over and over again, i'm making envelopes with the latest issue of haco magazine and whistling at the same time )