bonjour !

usually we write down our shopping list on our front door, but today i drew this on the door


it's so so so very summer on the little island, and i'm addicted to lemon and water and ice cube again, my favorite drink, a must in hot days like this

what is your favorite drink these days ?

my dear boys and girls all around the world, i wish you all have a very nice and happy summer ( winter ) time fulled of joy and fun !



  1. i got two favorite drinks: cold peppermint tea made from leaves from our garden and organic bitter lemon lemonade from a local brewey i just discoverd.
    happy summer on your little island!

  2. My favourite drink at the moment is pineapple mint lemonade from a vegan shop here in Toronto called Urban Herbivore. It's great!

  3. That's such a cute doodle :)

    My favourite at the moment is watermelon juice

  4. A cold iced jasmine green tea form the leavesss infused nommm simple and refreshing<3