since long long time ago, everytime when i found something nice and cute, i've always wanna share it with more people, and say " hey hey hey ! look how cute it is ! "

and so, i've finally made up my mind, and opened un petit magasin ╱ one little store, where i will place small amount of various items that i found through out my everyday life travel in the city, in the world, in the little universe

dear boys and girls, i hope you'll like it there and visit it from time to time,

just like honey zakka★zakka store

merci ! merci ! merci beaucoup !


for now, there are two japanese magazines in the store, and there will be a few more other little things in the near future

and !
and !

to celebrate the birth of the little store baby, for the first month, any order that will be placed in july, i will include,,,

01 ╱ one random postcard from 宇宙✧旅行╱明信片系列一号╱cosmos✦travel╱postcard series no.01╱大冒險之旅★the great adventure journey╱

02 ╱ one random postcard from ithinkyou'relikeasong/postcard series
( and extra photos here )

03 ╱ surprise little gifts !

have fun !


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  1. congrats on your shop oly! looks good! will check back!