we finally have a new bookshelf in our little house !



that day,
i made a cup of cappuccino for myself



i wanna make friends with these cutie honey baby animals

there are some new posts over my new blog just like honey, come come and take a look !

i've been thinking about the ideal of life

we're on our way to there little by little, life is hard, but we can still be silly and happy together, it takes lots of guts and courage and simple minds to face all the problems in our everyday life

there's so many things i wanna do, but i can only do it one thing at a time

oh oh oh

weekend is coming, i wish you all have fun fun and happy weekend times, dear dear boys and girls

and and most of all,
i wish you enjoy your life in the moment



  1. happy weekend Oly, love your bookshelf :-)

  2. baby animals...funny photo !