good morning !

it's 6:30 am here on the little subtropical island, it's so hot today, summer is finally here !

oh oh, and this is how my working table looks like right now



my favorite things to do for breakfast time these days is drinking coffee, and watching the japanese animation ARIA ( you can watch some episodes here with english subtitles )

these are the little things that makes me happy


lunch that i made the other day, we woke up super early, and went to the traditional market by bikes, it's the first time ever in my 10 years life here in this city

i'm still learning how to enjoy to live in the moment and everyday's life

what are the little things that makes you feel happy ?



  1. things that make me happy:
    1. summer light shining through the window
    2. coffee with a little piece of carrot cake
    3. a beautiful photograph
    4. watching people who love each other
    5. a quiet afternoon with an inspiring book
    6. cozy sunday mornings in bed with my lover
    7. the sweet, quiet moment just before i wake up

  2. i like how you have your little toy animals everywhere. its very cute!

  3. Things that make me happy:
    1. reading a good book
    2. looking at pretty pictures
    3. the moment you get off the airplane and see someone you have been waiting for 2+ years to see waiting there for you.

  4. lunch looks yummy!
    Things that make me happy:
    1. the beach
    2. developing photos and finding out they actually look really good
    3. coke on a hot summers day.

  5. I love Aria - it's such a beautiul anime & I love the song from one of the OVAs - Nanairo no Sora wo by Sonorous!

    I like going exploring in the woods with my dog and my camera, walking through the dappled sunlight and sitting under trees :)