sunday morning

axel is creating his own little game with wario ware d.i.y on ds


and me catching up, reading blogs posts ( i'm in love with tommy from this is naive ) , adding music to my nano, getting ready for another day painting in our new little house

what's your plan for today ?

i wish you all have a happy happy sunday, my dear friends far far away



  1. Looks and sounds very good dear Oly.

    Here the Sunday started very early, and what is better on a sunny morning than to go back to sleep: take a comfortable chair to the balcony and hide under a blanket and sleep while the sun travels from left to right side of your face, wake up again and eat second breakfast (:

    Now painting, then to town for a sunny tea in a coffee house!

    Happy Sunday to you too!

  2. Painting in your new little house sounds pretty good to me. Enjoy!

  3. i love how your table/desk looks.
    i'll be flying back home today from a trip to los angeles.
    : )