20100131★7 ╱ day 52 ╱ everyday life in paris ╱
╱ near Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris

i'm in the black and white photo mood, somehow

those were almost 3 months ago,
and it's already as hot as summer here on my little island now

where will we go from here, i wonder,,,

i wish you are all fine and dandy, dear my friends

and live in the moment of your life


  1. Fantastic! And thank you for the reminder this morning, to live in the moment. I've been forgetting lately. :)

  2. oh i've certainly passed by here when i was in paris!

  3. Oh boy! Fantastic pictures. I was born nearby, I live very far away now, it's lovely to see those shops through your eyes.

    Did you know? The shops are here since the invention of paper books in Europe, 5 centuries ago. Isn't it sweet?

  4. (:

    (I have mouth full of chocolate and smiling to you is now the only thing I manage to do :)

    Hello dear Oly! Sweet it is here as always!

  5. thank you thank you thank you, dear lovely girls

    and and, anna, you're awfully cute !