this year i made new little gifts for the packages of orders from my online shop

i wish you'll like them



making plans for our new apartment

it's super mini for a real apartment, but so much better than the little room we have right now


i was sick for days, but no time for taking rests

on that very day, i treated myself a small and slow breakfast time in bed, reading my favorite japanese magzines ku:nel

( you can find the latest issue in hiki's lovely shop uguisu )


things i found at the flea market today, it was under a bridge next to the traditional market, we also found an 80 years old large wooden case for less than 14 euro ( !!! )

these days are way too crazy busy and fulled of chaos, i'm longing and dreaming for the life in our new apartment

i wish you are all well
and enjoying the wonderful spring time

have fun !



  1. how nice that you found a new appartment, curious! is your boy staying with you now?

    and yes, those moomins are supernice!!! waw!!

  2. such great things!
    have a good week ahead!!

  3. they all are so gorgeous!!

  4. your photos are gorgeous!
    what camera do you use? filters if any?

    love the eye mask!
    paris looks so awesome. (:

    such a big fan <3

  5. oly,
    the new apartment sounds cool!
    where is the flea market in taipei??
    i wanna check it out when i go back to taipei. do they have it in every weekend???

  6. oh. and get well soon.

  7. A new and tiny apartment... sounds like fun. Love your collection of things to post with orders. That peacock is especially handsome.

  8. isn't that exciting thinking about how to decorate your new apartment!!! i've recently just bought a new couch and i'm in the mood for re-decorating my place! such fun :)

    and did i hear you have a stoned sink!? sounds gorgeous!!!! and i'm so tempted to explore fleamarkets in taipei!

    and thank you for the mention!! someone ordered a ku:nel saying they saw it at oly's!! thank you sweet oly, i hope you will feel better soon and happy playing with your new apartment ;)