hello, my dear friends,

i guess you all are wondering where have i been these days ? ( are you ? )

long story in short, on the day we were supposed to leave paris, we were locked outside our apartment for 3 hours while all the luggages were still inside and not finished packing yet, and as a result we missed our plane, and after crazy running in the metro and CGD airport and many helps from some very nice france airline staffs, the next thing we knew was that we had to run to the flight that will take off in one hour to amsterdam, and then to bangkok, and then finally my little subtropical island, we spent over 24 hours wondering from one airport to another, one city to another, one country to another

but that's not the end of the drama of the day, axel lost one of his luggages at the airport, ( with his expensive single-lens reflex camera and favorite olympic trip35 in it ) and we still haven't got any news from the police yet

well well

at the end of the day, he said something so wise and so right,
" at least we finally make it, and we still have each other ! "



so we two crappy couple decided to spend some lazy time at my mother's place during the chinese new year

by the way, have i mentioned there are still so many pictures of everyday life in paris i wanna share with you ?

have a nice weekend fulled of fun and and i'll see you all very soon here again



  1. Oh, that sounded like quite an adventure! Looking forward to seeing your photos! :)

  2. oh, no!-i hope that the luggage will find it´s way back to him.

    have a relaxing weekend!
    and yes, more photos, please :)

  3. I totally have been through the same hectic day when I was traveling in Europe! but everything turned out fine in the end.

    Enjoy your times at home, and happy chinese new year :)

  4. i adore your blog and little shop, and have added you to my links over at urban flea. i'd love for you to swing by sometime and check it out! hope you're having a wonderful week!

    xo urban flea :)

  5. Wish your friend good luck with finding his bag!
    I love your blog, and I've only read the first couple of posts. I'm going to check out your store too.

    Keep up the cool posts :):)
    Maybe see you in France sometime

  6. That sounds like a stressful journey! I hope that you get the bag back. Have a good weekend :)

  7. Holala!!!
    What a day!!!
    I hope Axel 'll find his luggage soon!!!
    enjoy the fiesta for the tiger new year!!
    see you soon...

  8. So glad you're back! I hope you find your cameras, especially. What an adventure that was.

  9. seems like a stressful trip! Glad he is able to relativise. I've followed your trip to paris, so now you're back i'm going to get to know your hometown :) Greetings from Belgium.