day 48 ╱ part 0 ( just a little preview )

everyday life
in paris

a silent little piece of heaven la grande galerie de i'évolution


one month ago i was there


we took way too many pictures in that museum within 2 hours after his dentist appointment

we felt so wow and yet so speechless when we entered the museum

i wanna share the happiness and wowness from that day with all of you, so please bare with me, because i'm gonna post a lot of pictures !

next monday is my birthday, i'm taking a day off from chaos and works, and spend a day with my man ( including his first dentist appointment here ! )

i wish you all a very nice and happy sunday, and and lots of fun, of course

oh !
oh !

by the way, don't forget to come back and check again in these two weeks, i'll announce my first giveaway from my little online shop ! ( woolala )



  1. Happy birthday in advance! :)

  2. next monday is my birthday too!

    happy birthday to you :)

  3. happy birthday! :)

  4. first of all, happy birthday in advance! That is a pretty one.. i think i need a polaroid!

  5. What an enchanting visual.

    Happy Birthday to you!

  6. next monday is my birthday too!!!

    thats a great polaroid!