day 43 ╱ part 5

everyday life
in paris

a day fulled of magic with the amazing ℓℹℓℹ ⚡cratchy and feℓix and ℓi⚡on and and little ro⚡e


ℓℹℓℹ's studio ( !!! )
where the magic things happen


everyone sat down on their seats, and they are ready for dinner

so we kiss and hug goodbye to dear lili and her lovely kids, she said we should come back to visit them again in the summer time, because there will be green plants and flowers everywhere, so very beautiful

and then we said, " au revoir ! "

dear lili and felix and lison and and little rose,

thank you so so very much, merci merci beaucoup, for such a wonderful time, and let us taking pictures like crazy, and share your love of everyday life creations, we love you, and wish to see you again someday !



on our way home


axel made the pie


bon apétit !



  1. Dear Oly!!!
    it's so fun to see my studio on your blog!!!
    I know you are leaving very soon,and that you've a lot of things to do before you departure...
    and for me this week is ..."awfull?",my 3 children were ill yersteday...no school for Rose for a long time,because her teacher has broken her arm...
    Haaaa!so big kiss for you & Axel,have a good travel
    and see you soon on the net!!
    I put your wonderfull postcards on my wall!!
    thanks again ;)

  2. WOW...what a day you had there, lucky you.

  3. ooo! i love the photos of the studio. it looks so fun there!

  4. Oh so many fun photos, so great to be able to peep like this. Thans a lovely studio, so much to look at! And how nice to see you :)