day 43 ╱ part 1

everyday life
in paris

a day fulled of magic with the amazing ℓℹℓℹ ⚡cratchy and feℓix and ℓi⚡on and and little ro⚡e


on this very friday afternoon, axel and i spent some special magical hours with the amazing lili scratchy and her lovely kids, felix and lison and and little rose

we felt so very lucky

because i don't understand or speak french, so it was axel who did most of the talks with lili or lison

later that night, axel said to me, " it's interesting you and lili didn't talk to each other that much "

i told him it's because lili and i already know each other pretty well through our everyday life blog posting, so we can understand each other's ways of living and thinking without speaking it out loud
( isn't it, dear lili ? )



the first place that caught my eyes was lili's magical kitchen

let me just show you some pictures and then you'll understand why it fascinated me so very much



  1. cool toys and fridge stuff :)

  2. a stunning home. very personal and funny!