day 36 ╱ part 1

everyday life
in paris

a perfect ( and dreamy ) day with the supa dupa amazing ℓℹℓℹ★☆★☆ and and the lovely ℊℹnℹ and her cute cute family ✦✧✦✧


bonjour, dear boys and girls from all around the world !

on this very day, i felt super super lucky, because i spent a wonderful and dreamy afternoon with the supa dupa amazing ℓℹℓℹ ⚡cratchy and and the lovely ℊℹnℹ helie ( who has a beauuutiful voice ) and her cute cute family, regis and anouki, in le loir dans la théière the cutest parisian cafe ever !


first of all, i have to apologize to all of you who love lili ( on the left ) and gini ( on the right ), for not being able to take some nice and clear pictures of these two wonderful ladies, because i was too overwhelmed by the experience of being face to face with these two lovely talented ladies. you know it's like the moment when you realized your dream comes true and you're living in it that exact very seconds !



le loir dans la théière

3, rue des posiers, 7004, paris
tél. 01 42 72 90 61

restaurant, salon de thé, brunch on saturday and sunday
open everyday 9:30 am to 7 pm


look at the litttle cutie in the pot, you know where the name of the cafe is from ?

( copy and paste )

le loir is named after the unfortunate dormouse who gets dunked in the pot at the mad hatter's tea party in alice In wonderland


so so !

this is lili, who laughs a lot and i secretly think there must be something magical about her pens because everytime she draws there's supa kawaii characters coming out on the paper or ceramic !


and and,

this is gini, who has a soft and dreamy and beauuutiful voice. have you listened to the music from her band milenka and the pyramids yet ?


this is anouki !

i'm sure you can understand why i took so many pictures of gini's pretty baby boy



have i mentioned anouki's best friend bobori was there as well ?

bobori came from tokyo, japan, created by mogu, a girl who has a super colorful and energetic world inside of her !


gini's two loving boys, regis and anouki !

look how cute they are together



time for some gifts sharing and unwrapping !

this one was from lili, her supa kawaii little coffee spoon ! ( woolala ! )


gini knows me oh so well, because not only she gave me a beautiful sample ep of her band milenka and the pyramids, but also the latest issue of so-en !

this february 2010 issue is all about textiles and mina perhonen !!!!!!! it's amazing ! i strongly suggest you go and get one copy for yourself of a wonderful reading/looking time of the beautiful magzine ! ( for those who can't get it in the local bookstores, you can always find it in hiki's lovely online shop uguisu )


ladies and gentlemen, it's the coffee/tea and cake time !

i shall now shut up and let you enjoy these pictures



dear lili and gini and regis and anouki ( and and bobori ),

i wanna say thank you so much for such a wonderful day ! it's SOoo much fun ! merci beaucoup !

i wish to see you all again soon in the near future !



  1. So fun and nice to be able to peep in to your meeting Oly.
    I like your photos dear Oly :)

  2. Looks like you had such a fun time!
    This place looks nice and cozy too ;)
    Next time i'm in taipei, we have to meet up, yea?

  3. !!!! O L y !!! merci so much for putting such lovely photos of all of us !!! i love the atmosphere!! waou it really was like a dream! we have to do this again!!! im back in the moutains for a few weeks! so i guess i won't see you in feb...SO Im very happy to have met you and hope to see u again soon!!!!
    love from gini famili!!!

  4. Dear Oly!!

    What a great post you made!!!
    thanks for all...
    I love your photos very much...
    see you soon,

  5. Anonymous1/26/2010

    Hello Oly,

    It's so nice to discover shops, places,... by reading your blog! Your pictures are making me dream of going back to paris soon.
    When I'm in Paris I try to find 'space-invaders'. Have you spotted them already? (http://www.space-invaders.com/sominv.html)
    Have a nice time in Paris!
    Love from Belgium

  6. wow, wonderful photographs of gini anoukiand lili!

  7. amazing, what type of camera are you using?