day 21

everyday life
in paris

new year's eve


my man and i enjoy to cook together, and and also we love taking pictures of what we create



bon apétit !


coffee and sweets for late night movie where the wild things are


our little bed mates


  1. that looks super delicious.

  2. what a charming dinner table!
    can i please join you guys?

  3. dear Oly, it's fun to see Paris and the treasures you find through your pictures.
    Let's go for the most wonderful year ever !
    I received your incredible parcel some days ago already... million thanks !
    I didn't find time yet to take some pictures, I will... very soon ! your sending was truly fabulous !

  4. dear a., merci beaucoup !

    dear hiki,, yes yes, wish someday we can invite you to our home in taipei ( the future home ) to have a great dinner time together !

    dear lilie, yay yay, i'm so happy to hear that, i was worrying if the little package got lost somewhere on the earth. i'm super happy that you like it ! bonne année !