8 days before the cosmos travel


( i'm loving the cutecute keyboard face i found at elisabeth's lovely blog )


i have a messy room right now


lunch the other day with my dear mo!relax cafe boys and girls that i work with


i had my new hair cut a few days ago because i was having a break down so i decided to have my hair cut very short short so i can feel╱be brave and tough again

dream list ╱ winter version

01╱elisabeth's cutting boards
02╱lilli's petites spoons

have a nice day dear boys and girls, don't forget to put on enough clothes that keeps you warm and cozy, i heard the temperature is dropping today



  1. Love your new haircut and fragment of your messy room shown. Both look splendid to me.

  2. I do that too sometimes. But it looks much tougher on you ;) I love it!!