3 days before




two months in p▲rℹ⚡


look how messy my table is, the rest of my little room is even more messy, but i do enjoy this chaos, because there gonna be some very nice postcard babies being born here really soon

i'm preparing for packing the new postcards using 1996 published maps of los angeles ( wooo how i adore old maps ! )

the new 宇宙✧旅行╱cosmos✦travel╱postcard series no.01 are coming soon in my little online shop !

it's tuesday today

i woke up feeling so exciting as if my heart is gonna jump out of my body and fly far far far away from here in supa sonic speedo

it's really happening

i'm going on a great adventure journey again in 3 days !


i wish you all have a very nice day today, stay warm and happy, okay ?


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