1 day before ( !!!!!!! )




two months in p▲rℹ⚡

my dear boys and girls, do you have any nice tips about where to visit in paris ?


the photo of mr. eiffel tower was taken last year in may on a very very very sunny day, i never thought i will go back to that very same city once again

life is fulled of surprises, isn't it ?


the 宇宙✧旅行╱cosmos✦travel╱postcard series no.01 are in store now, at POST shop in my neighborhood, which is a very lovely little shop


宇宙✧旅行╱cosmos✦travel postcard sets and the little calendar╱2010 space odyssey╱smells like teen spirit

╱╱ ╱

my little corner :)


tomarrow at this very same time, i'll be in the other side of the world where is 13 hours of flights away from my little sub-tropical island with about 7 hours of time differences and 10°C differences in temperature

isn't that kinda amazing just think of it ?

my dear boys and girls,
please take care, and stay warm and cozy and happy, and and i'll talk to you all later



  1. these look great!
    have a great trip -- enjoy every minute!

  2. bon voyage! i hope i didn't spell it wrong!
    remember to show us picts from the trip!

  3. Une petite idée pour aller vous régaler avant une jolie promenade:

    Bon voyage!

  4. oh oly, that 's sooo exciting!!
    enjoy it!!
    and waw, your corner looks very pretty!

  5. Dear Oly,
    Don't forget to visit paris 18° (Montmartre).
    Have a look at la "halle St Pierre",it's a little museum of "art naïf".
    Not far, you 'll find a strange little shop called:
    "tombées du camion" (www.tombeesducamion.com)
    (it's "fallen from the truck"),you can find a lot of treasure.
    So go to the street "François Miron" in Paris 4°,
    at the "petit pan" shop,there are 2 shops little pan, and one with great papers,pearls & buttons,I'm sure you'll like it!In the same street,there is "galerie Sentou",expensive but lots of great things to see...
    enjoy your parisian travel!
    I leave Paris wenesday for the Mexique until the beginning of January.
    Perhaps we will meet after?

  6. Aw, how pretty! I love the cards and I love how you displayed them:) beautiful!!

  7. have a nice trip to Paris!!
    your display is super nice:)