bonjour !!!

i'm making different things at the same time, preparing packages, making more little books, and more little calendars for my little online shop, which will be very cute and nice christmas presents !

have you ordered your own copy yet ?


my new addiction is watching howl's moving castle again and again ( more like playing it as background music ) while making things, and being lost in the wonder magic world

and and also i watched julie & julia last saturday at midnight when i was so so depressed and feeling down

i love love love it !!!!!!!!

it cheered me up and give me power to move on again

i wanna watch it again and again

have you watched any movies lately that make you so happy ?


it's getting very cold these days

my dear friends, please take good care of yourselves and your love ones, okay ?


bon apétit !



  1. what a lovely post. howls moving castle is very brilliant and when I am sad and low i watch eagle vs shark or a miss marple film.
    have a lovely day! *)

  2. yum that looks good!
    love howls also. can watch it again and again. i think its my favourite miyasaki. and i laughed so much when i saw julie & julia. its great! makes me want to cook :) cant wait to see all that youve been making