the quiet little corner of my works in have a booday shop

( which used to be called mogu shop, and we prefer to call it like that privately )


i spent almost 6 hours at their cafe in the second floor, eating and reading, and most of all, relaxing

( the shop is in first floor )

in the kitchen

this is my friend moni, who works in the design department of mogu company


moni gave me some surprise gifts

the new mogu tote bag called window flower

and and the candy that they design for the 10th anniversary of the music store department of the eslite bookstore


i have pretty low budget for buying magzines these day, but i awlays buy ku:nel and so-en, they are my all time favorite

what is ( are ) your must-buy magzine(s) ?


  1. In that cafe I could have spent thesame long time.
    Your photos are a delight.

  2. i love this issue of SOEN magazine it's really cute. my other favourite magazines would be murmur, うたかま, ecocolo, and Elle cuisine. oh do you know Arne is going to be finished at the end of this year, so sad!
    oh and.. my photos have been in the Camera Biyori mag some times ;)

  3. P.S.
    Do you know a Taiwanese zine called 一個人遠足? I'm dying to have a peek!

  4. OH! SO-EN is "must buy" magazine!
    I also like to read:
    雑貨カタログ, http://natural-life.shufunotomo.co.jp/book/?cat=4,
    spoon, http://www.spoon01.com/,
    MOE, http://www.moe-web.jp/

    i always envy there are eslite bookstore and the shop like mogu in taipei!

  5. I wish we had more like this in the Netherlands!
    What a beautyful photographs! So much to look at! The food, the little things at the table...

    Hmmm, my favourite magazine?
    Let me think....