i wanna introduce you some new little friends in my room

they all will soon go on great adventure journeys all around the world to their new homes

maybe you will see one of them showing up at your door one day



i love these wrapping papers

they even smell nice somehow

still preparing packages, really really, no kidding

i know i shouldn't spend that much time on preparing little extra surprises, but i just can't help it

i hope you'll have a smile on your face when you ( finally ) receive your own little package

it's really close to winter time, isn't it ? i'm starting to get addicted to have sweet sweet hot caramel latte for breakfast these days

what's your new ( or old ) addiction for the morning ?

i wish you all have a nice and lovely week, dear boys and girls



  1. love all those stamps on the envelopes!
    wooden buttons are the best :)

  2. It seems like there is a little jungle in your room! All of the animals are so nice. ;)

  3. Hello! ^__^
    These are very cute!
    My package is among those lovely envelopes??

    I´m Erica from Spain and i´m impatient :)

  4. so much beautiness here!!
    love the buttons, and jealous about a package!!!

    breakfast is my favorite food, i'm addicted to yoghurt+muesli+honey!! mmm!

  5. ohlalala i can't wait to receive my packet!!!!
    oh my breakfast is precious to me!!!
    organic nutella style on toast, banana,kiwi and nut milk!!!!!!!!!!

  6. very very nice this blog!