today i woke up at 1 am

i have messy working and sleeping schedules these days
and no time for playing at all

i love the moments while making the first cup of coffee of the day



i just finished the little 2010 calendar ( USD$5 for each set ) makings and then i will wrap them up later today
( it will be added in my little online shop next monday ! )


but for now, i'm making new business cards. i'm having lots of fun playing with my copy machine, and wanna print more and more things !

and and, yesterday, i was lost in the dreamy fantasy world that this japanese girl, nakajima rie, creates

two more beautiful little universe to share with you,

yomo warehouse ( yomo means wool in japanese )

dear dear ladies and gentlemen, it's sunday now

i hope you all gonna find some nice things to do that make you smile and feeling soft and tender inside your heart


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  1. owww thank you so much for visiting Hello Sandwich! That is so sweet of you!
    I love your blog so much. Makes me happy!
    Happy Monday to you!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich