in the middle of chaos of little calendar making for days

almost done


i got some nice and cute things for you to look at


mogu takahashi and her blog

ayumi hanamatsu


                                                                           it was my lucky day because i got this photo from axel, my man


so many exciting good good news around the world

sandra has her own studio now !
simone just has an opening of a shop and studio with her friends !
camilla and elisabeth, the two ladies of studio violet are making a book !
mav and lena from lines and shapes are joining ny art book fair this weekend and releasing some new books !
and and lili is having an exhibition !

everyone is being so busy and enjoying their creative life

i adore these amazing and lovely ladies. they inspire and encourage me of wanting to do more


by the way, today is the chinese moon festival day, as well as the mid autumn day. people will celebrating the day with eating moon cakes and barbeques and playing with fireworks under the moon tonight

so, happy mid autumn's day and have a nice weekend, my dear friends

take good care and enjoy you life living in the moment, okay ?

i'm looking forward to hear some news from you soon


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  1. oh love that mogu-blog! have a nice chinese moon festival over there!!