i wanna introduce you some new little friends in my room

they all will soon go on great adventure journeys all around the world to their new homes

maybe you will see one of them showing up at your door one day



i love these wrapping papers

they even smell nice somehow

still preparing packages, really really, no kidding

i know i shouldn't spend that much time on preparing little extra surprises, but i just can't help it

i hope you'll have a smile on your face when you ( finally ) receive your own little package

it's really close to winter time, isn't it ? i'm starting to get addicted to have sweet sweet hot caramel latte for breakfast these days

what's your new ( or old ) addiction for the morning ?

i wish you all have a nice and lovely week, dear boys and girls



in my little room


busy busy, preparing packages

no kidding


i love these lovely ladies ( and a few gentlemen )
who write the blogs i follow


happy sunday !



monday dinner with an old issue of so-en


listening to this, feeling tender

mieke willems' webshop is open !

everything is so cute and lovely over there



╱╱ ╱

day off╱quiet day╱calm down╱slow down╱keep breathing╱clean up╱reset╱find center╱last night i dreamed of iceland╱silent╱not yet╱soft rock╱hot caramel latte╱winter clothes╱don't forget your beginner's spirit, yoshitomo nara said╱

and today i'm loving photographs by sarah bernhard from german

the sticker monster just send me a picture




恵文社一乗寺店╱keibunsha bookstore

window shopping
( click on the pictures to see more of the items )

i wish you all have a lovely weekend



in my little room

a book called coffee time
by kazue takahashi


bought those buttons in south of france
and hand sewed the star by myself

the temperature dropped all the sudden because of the rains of typhoon days

winter is not too too far away

and i'm dreaming of snowy days in paris

what do you miss the most right now ?




this is how i wrap the little calendars ( only USD$5 for each set ! ) using old chinese 365 days calendar papers

they are in my little online shop now


have a nice day !



the little calendar╱2010 space odyssey╱smells like teen spirit

the little calendar is finally in my little online shop now !!!
( only USD$5 for each set )

( yaybii !!! )

i'm trying to manage to send out all the packages of the past orders before november, thank you all for the patience waiting



i'm so looking forward to hear what you think about the little calendar !

i'll make another post about the wrappings later today

and and

i wanna say thank you so so much for all the kind lovely messages, they make me smile and give me power to keep on making things

xie xie, xie xie, merci beaucoup !

have a nice nice day !



the quiet little corner of my works in have a booday shop

( which used to be called mogu shop, and we prefer to call it like that privately )


i spent almost 6 hours at their cafe in the second floor, eating and reading, and most of all, relaxing

( the shop is in first floor )

in the kitchen

this is my friend moni, who works in the design department of mogu company


moni gave me some surprise gifts

the new mogu tote bag called window flower

and and the candy that they design for the 10th anniversary of the music store department of the eslite bookstore


i have pretty low budget for buying magzines these day, but i awlays buy ku:nel and so-en, they are my all time favorite

what is ( are ) your must-buy magzine(s) ?