my man and i just start a new baby blog called toi et moi
( means you and me in french )

it's a place where we make all kinds of little lists

we will share things about us over there, please come over and say hi sometimes



a little peeps of what i'm working on these days

i'm thinking, maybe it's about time i start doing homeworks about my paris trip ( from december to february of next year ). do you have any tips and suggestions ?

thank you so much for sharing

it's 2:23am here now, time to go to bed

good night, my dear friends

sleep tight
don't let the bad bug bite



  1. hi, i'm so happy to find your blog! LOVELY!!
    i looking for some beautiful blog from taiwan for long time. its so excite to meet you!
    (i also have my livly, but why yours can display in chinese?)

  2. the new blog looks nice, will check back! love lists!
    and that is a eautiful scissors you have there!
    will think about the paris-tips!

  3. o l y,

    here is the recipe for the pizza,
    3cups of flour ( prefer bread flour)
    1/2 tsp of yeast
    2to4 tsp of brown sugar or honey
    1tsp of salt
    1cup of warm water
    2tsp of olive oil

    mix them well,. knead it after it get smooth surface ( probably 5 mins). let it sit in the container for an hour,.. cover it lid or damp towel,.... after that the dough should be twice or 3 times bigger,. punch it and knead for 2 mins.. then it's ready for making pizza,.. you can store the rest in the refrigerator for a week. you can make at least 6 thin crust pizzas,. but it also depends on the size and the thickness you do,.... use hands to make the shape is easier,. and then use bread roller to make it flat,....
    reheat the oven,. around 350 degree f.
    9 square inches thin crust pizza only need 12 mins,...
    i use a glass lid as bread stone,.... i'm wondering if you can find anything similar in taiwan......
    i hope this helpful,..

    this dough can also make chinese steam bun,. if you like, you can use milk instead of water,....

    if you have any questions, just ask me!

    good luck!!

  4. Paris.!!!!!
    excited just hearing the news from you.!
    (even though it's not my trip... haha)

  5. siquveland9/23/2009

    enjoy your trip in paris =)

  6. love your drawings, wish you succes with the new blog :-)

  7. hello oly from taipai,

    thanks for your comment on my blog. you made my day! i'm also enjoying having a look at your lovely blog.


  8. just so nice blog you have! i like this place.

  9. thank you girls :)