my little breakfast today

tummy aching because of the girly thing. but i have so so so many things need to catch up before december

( the first little book is still available in my little online shop )


gathering ideas for my next little book, i wanna make a photo book this time

my paris trip will start in december, and end in february next year

i'm soooooo very exciting and looking forward to see my man, and spend two months with him in paris in the winter time

i wish there will be snow



  1. oh, paris will be erfect, for sure! how long is it ago that you saw your boyfriend??
    looking forward to the photo book! curious!

  2. 5 months ago !

    we only spent less than 3 months together in taipei. i hope this time i can bring him home with me from paris to taipei. and spend the chinese new year and the rest of our life together.


  3. hey oly, i hope so too for you!!