my bebi star and i, we said good night almost 3 hours ago
( he's in paris, and i'm in taipei, there's 7 hours of time differences between us )

i can't find sleeps


so i read the book called room talk from okao miyoko, and listening to the soft soft music from oren lavie

they make my heart melt like marshmallow kisses

so i drew a polar bear who is sleeping soundly, i wonder what he's dreaming about right now



( do you remember her ? she's the little girl in my little online shop. one day, i drew these sweet small things on the paper bag just for fun, do you like them ? )

i hope we all can find some sweet dreams tonight

wan-an ( means good night in chinese )



  1. nice bed pictures. hope you had a good night in the end. sweet drawings!

  2. the bear drawing is wonderful!
    such great little details.