in my room

day off today, finally

try to calm down from the chaos and madness from the cafe works last week, looking at blogs here and there all over the world, like an imaginary travel around the earth in my very small room

some little ideas are poping around like pop corns here in my room. more and more layers and different kinds of papers are added on my walls, it makes me so happy

what makes you happy today ?


oh and and
in my dream list


a photo book

a book about travel and zakka and tea time

a pinky man and a circus bear
made by the amazing girl thegoodmachinery

a magic box fulled of treasures of forest and strings
from manako

what's on your dream list lately ?



  1. xie xie ni to you!!!
    see you soon,
    your french fan!

  2. I like your blog. You make me discover all these great great things. Like that book 'Sven', it's so beautiful!

    Thanks for that :).
    I hope you have a nice day.

  3. very beautiful room
    and you are a very good photographer!

  4. Hi! i love your blog and your flickr too...
    Please, can you tell me the isbn of the book abaout zakka, travel and tea time? i´m interested in get it *__*

    Thanks ^__^

  5. hello ! hello ! thank you all for the lovely and kind notes. they make me so happy :)

    - : -

    dear mr.bwcat, i found you the link on amazon, good luck ! i'm sure you will love it !

  6. lovely books. *.*