the little book

is finally in my little online shop now, waiting for pre-orders


you can view other pages here

each of your own little book will be packed with different vintage music score paper of haydn's sonata Ⅱ

and of course, as one of my favorite things to do, i will fold a paper crane especially for you


i think the little package is getting along nicely with the big family on my table

i love books, since i'm the only child in my family and had no one to played with when i was kiddo, books have been my best friends ever since.

i wanna make many many many little books. so far, this is the best version i can afford to make. i hope you will like it. there's not much words in the little book baby, but i'm sure you can always tell the stories in your own version every time you read it to yourself or to your love ones

good night night




  1. i am also the only child in the family. and i also love books... too much!
    Yes, books are my best friends, too. :)

  2. I like also book during my childhood days I had so much fun reading books or comics.