last week i received this amazingly wonderful package from lovely hiki fulled of beautiful surprises from tokyo !

she sent me many lovely things that you can also find them in her own little online shop uguisu

the little message from hiki

thank you so so so very much, dear lovely hiki


i found these little purple flowers on my way home from the hello breakfast store at 6 am today

it's monday today, and i'm finally having days off. it was a strangely busy week last week. lately there are some little signs of changes in my life.

it's a very harsh environment here for people like me who wanna live a life like this, to earn my own living with the drawings i do and things i make. i don't have any art school background, not mention any teachers or educational resources to support me or to guide me how to go on in this road i've been struggling for quite some years now.

but i'm still feeling very lucky that, i'm really really very fortunate to meet many nice and kind people along the way who likes my works and reach out their friendly hands to help me in many different ways. i can never say enough thank you and show how gratitude i am for all their kindness.

i'm not a smart person and can only do very limited things, one at a time. all i can think of to be appreciate of all the good things that happen to me is that, i will keep on drawing, and making things that can bring a smile on your face.

and bring you little happiness in your everyday life.

have a nice week, my dear dear friends.

and please take good care of yourself, okay ?



  1. i wish you all the best with your artwork, love your blog :-)

  2. siquveland9/07/2009

    tough things don't last, tough people do. so keep on fighting for your dream. you will shine even brighther one day =)

    i like your work and your photograph. they put a smile on my face.

    btw i went to taipei a few weeks ago, it's a lovely city. i shall go back there again when i have the chance, preferably, during autum =)

    have a nice day~

  3. What a precious collection of beautiful things... Nothing's better than receiving a present in the mail!

  4. hey oly! you've got the mail!! yay!
    i came back from my holiday last night, though it was too short a stay in taipei, it was great! people of taipei is just wonderful i had such a great time and i really must go back! i'm sorry i couldn't go see you or email, it started to rain so badly and we couldn't even make it to the night market :( but anyway, i sure will go back to taipei, so i shall be looking forward to the next time!!!!!!

  5. A parcel from Hiki, how very nice!

  6. hi oly, good luck with your work!! we think it's very very lovely!!! and your photographs are beautiful!! always nice to come over here, it's so fresh and inspiring!

  7. Anonymous9/08/2009

    "smart" is overrated; it's much better to be lovely and create beautiful things, and that's exactly what you're doing. keep on!

  8. I will take care of myself...and will you do that too...Don't work too hard, dear Oly!

    And what a nice parcel you received!

  9. hahahazen9/09/2009

    I really really like your works. In deep of my heart that you are such a wonderful talented artist. Please keep going on and show more and more amazing works to us,ok?

    I'm your big fan :)

  10. you're so wonderful.!!! ^0^
    i hope you keep cheering up.!