the first analog photo i took on the first day i arrived in paris was this.

it was a very sunny day that day. i put my shampoo and conditioner and
facial toning water bottles on the bathroom shelf. and it was so beautiful
i can't help it but took a picture of it

in the apartment where i stayed for one week in paris last spring

everyday, i took walks outside, didn't really see many tourist spots.

i love getting lost in the small streets, seeing things i could never imagined or expected

i can't tell what's on the old man's face, was he crying, or was he just tired need some fresh air ?

i like that there's a little story going on in the picture that i don't even know what it was

i like this so much, it makes me wonder who will be having dinner here, what will they be eating and talking about


bonjour !

ça va?



  1. The light! The beauty. Your photos make me long to travel and soon.

  2. oh! are you in Paris??

  3. lovely,. especially for first 4 picts!
    oh paris,.

  4. beautiful photos. *.*
    i especially like photos if the sunlight is in them!!

    and, hello- oly. ^0^

  5. oui, ça va bien! vos photographies sont tres belles :)

  6. i missed a few posts, but it is all so nice, love your Paris pics.

  7. thank you thank you, merci beaucoup, xie xie ni !

  8. hey i don't know how i missed all these lovely posts! i adore your paris shots!