one more peep of the calendar making




i miss my little star



little peeps again :)

in my little room, my little handmade factory

two blogs i'm loving

anna gleeson and
tokyo friday

( found through, dear lovely ah-yi )

and and

a beauuuuuuutiful umbrella shop i wanna go visit someday

i wish you all have a very nice and relaxing weekend




my man and i just start a new baby blog called toi et moi
( means you and me in french )

it's a place where we make all kinds of little lists

we will share things about us over there, please come over and say hi sometimes



a little peeps of what i'm working on these days

i'm thinking, maybe it's about time i start doing homeworks about my paris trip ( from december to february of next year ). do you have any tips and suggestions ?

thank you so much for sharing

it's 2:23am here now, time to go to bed

good night, my dear friends

sleep tight
don't let the bad bug bite




in my room

day off today, finally

try to calm down from the chaos and madness from the cafe works last week, looking at blogs here and there all over the world, like an imaginary travel around the earth in my very small room

some little ideas are poping around like pop corns here in my room. more and more layers and different kinds of papers are added on my walls, it makes me so happy

what makes you happy today ?


oh and and
in my dream list


a photo book

a book about travel and zakka and tea time

a pinky man and a circus bear
made by the amazing girl thegoodmachinery

a magic box fulled of treasures of forest and strings
from manako

what's on your dream list lately ?



my favorite cafe to have the morning coffee in berlin, i miss their cakes and pies and salads

die rebellion des zimtsterns
schlesische strasse 38, 10997, berlin

what can i say more ?

i just love love love berlin




making little business cards

have a nice weekend !



my little breakfast today

tummy aching because of the girly thing. but i have so so so many things need to catch up before december

( the first little book is still available in my little online shop )


gathering ideas for my next little book, i wanna make a photo book this time

my paris trip will start in december, and end in february next year

i'm soooooo very exciting and looking forward to see my man, and spend two months with him in paris in the winter time

i wish there will be snow




i drew this while eating breakfast and reading so-en magzine this morning

and then taking care of the orders from my little online shop, putting little things together ready to be added into the packages

tsumori chisato
tsumori chisato
tsumori chisato

getting lost in the fantasy world of tsumori chisato in the so-en magzine, july issue, 2005

they remind me of sam's drawings, always fulled of patterns and beautiful details in the characters they create

tonight, i'm going to watch ponyo again, have you watched it yet ?
( trailer one and two )

have a nice day !



just got my new stamps ( yay )
so i'm making new little stickers for the packages


and and,

i did some drawings lately, will show you in the very near future

by the way,

i found a tarot card someone left on the cafe's sofa, and i was so surprised that it means so much alike where i am in my life now, isn't it interesting ?

i wish you all have a nice nice sunday