when i was in hamburg, one day i took a small walk around the neighborhood, i saw these beautiful flowers, so i stopped by, and took pictures, and then the owner of the private garden came out and saw me taking pictures of his flowers, he kindly invite me to go into his garden so i could take more pictures of his other flowers. so i did.

the first place i went visit on my very first day in paris last spring, was the flower market on cité island. i don't know much thing about flowers, but i was brought up by a woman ( my mama, of course ) who loves flowers. i have so many memories of visiting flower markets and flower shops. i often say that i grew up with my mother's precious orchids.

if you're writing a postcard now, who will you write to ?

monday today, very sunny day here. you can easily get sunburn if you stand under the sun for too long.

have a nice day !



  1. bonjour from the moutains of France!!
    very lovely blOg!


  2. that garden in hamburg is so amazing,..!
    tomatoes are easily to take care,. need a lot of sun and water,..

    okay, i need to go back to work now!

  3. oh- he is so gentle as much as his garden and flowers. :-)
    well, it's been a quite a while that i wrote a postcard to someone. i would write to... my childhood-friend who stays oversea. haven't seen her for years.!!!

  4. dear gini,
    bonjour ! it must be very beautiful there in the mountains of france :)

    dear yu-i,
    there are many flowers and plants in hamburg as i noticed it when i was there. a little bit like kyoto, but in a less sophisticated but more relaxing way. good luck with your work ! hope to hear more from you soon :)

    dear gon,
    german people are very friendly people, at least all those i've met during my trip in german is like that. it's so nice when you're feeling like to write to an old friend, it brought back many memories of the past, isn't it ?