what do you prefer now ?
coffee ? or tea ?


two of my favorite japanese illustrator for some years now, wakaba, and lotus eater

and, i just wanna say it out loud that,

studio violet i love you !



  1. We love you too :)! Thank you.

    Ah, so much creativity here. I prefer tea, green. Or just berries in hot water.

  2. Anonymous8/31/2009

    I'm definitely a tea person, especially when it's simple, like hot water poured over fresh mint from my garden.

  3. wow, these pictures are super beautiful! especially love the first one! like many kinds of tea, mostly herbs or green. but a cefe latte is also good!!

  4. hello, dear friends, thank you for the lovely notes, i'm imagining how you have your tea using what kind of cups and maybe with some little sweets ?