in my

小 little
房間 room

2006 - 2009

late breakfast in bed
reading a japanese manga named little forest

i love flyers ( d m ), i really really do

can't help but bring some home with me everytime when i see nice flyers no matter where i go ( so most of the time, what i brought back from traveling abroad are papers, all kinds of papers ! )

if you're a paper or flyer monster like me,
please look at this

it will makes your heart fulled of joys


it's friday today,
what's your weekend plan ?

have a nice weekend, my dear friends



  1. oooh! so much to see in your little room! and all nice things!! a happy place!
    have a nice weekend!!!

  2. wow! i would love to visit your place. full of creativity and inspirations!

  3. love your blog and style :)
    waiting to see more from you in future!!!

  4. love your little room! very inspiring
    i'm a paper monster too, i collect packages, and all sorts of trash that's been trown away at my work, i'm working in a shop, they sell lots of glasses and porcelaine, i keep many of the wrappings, can't help it, my colleagues always mock at me, of course :-)

  5. such a nice blog! also nice room:)

  6. thank you thank you !
    thank you dear sweet sweet girls :)

    dear yasu,
    you're very welcome to visit my little room if you ever come to taipei !

    dear renilde,
    i can totally understand you !!! i'm working in a cafe and we got these paper stuffs ( and beer bottles ) all the time, and i'm like keeping the junk papers so very too often that my colleagues always say " here oly goes again ! "

    ; )

  7. lovely room, a lot of inspirations..A bientot..

  8. thank you dear septembre