green bean cakes, yum-yum :)

shadows of flowers are beautiful

old postcard series
tu me manques / i miss you

look at these polar bears !

oh oh and and,
i love this, dacafe

are you a sweet food monster like me ?
and what's your favorite sweet food ?



  1. Oh, love love that first photo with the paper plate!

  2. hi oly, yes yes we both like sweets a lot!! :)

    that first photo is so so nice! love it!

    and hey, that is so nice of you about the keyrings!!!
    our address is
    mieke willems
    aalmoezenierstraat 28
    2000 antwerpen

    thanks a million! it's so sweet of you!!

  3. dear elisabeth, thank you :)

    dear veronik and mieke,
    it might takes me some times to prepare the little package, because i don't want to just send the keyrings to you ;)

  4. Dear Oly,

    Thank you thank you so much.
    This morning your package is arrived. It's so nice & cute. I'm so happy.

    You are very talented.

  5. i so so so love sweets, that way i can't tell you just one. *_*
    ohohoh- i got dacafe translated in korean.
    what a happyhappy family.!!
    already waiting for second part. ^-^ (which haven't published here yet)

  6. wow, that first photo! soooo nice!
    of course i love sweets too,but we don't have that sort of 'green' in Belgium.

  7. dear audrey,
    i'm so happy that you like the little package !

    dear gon,
    i've been a fan of dacafe's website and photodiary for years, i really love this cute little family ! and actually, i love too many sweets as well, i'm super sweet food monster !

    dear renilde,
    it's made of green beans, they are very soft, almost taste like snow.