when i was in hamburg, one day i took a small walk around the neighborhood, i saw these beautiful flowers, so i stopped by, and took pictures, and then the owner of the private garden came out and saw me taking pictures of his flowers, he kindly invite me to go into his garden so i could take more pictures of his other flowers. so i did.

the first place i went visit on my very first day in paris last spring, was the flower market on cité island. i don't know much thing about flowers, but i was brought up by a woman ( my mama, of course ) who loves flowers. i have so many memories of visiting flower markets and flower shops. i often say that i grew up with my mother's precious orchids.

if you're writing a postcard now, who will you write to ?

monday today, very sunny day here. you can easily get sunburn if you stand under the sun for too long.

have a nice day !



what do you prefer now ?
coffee ? or tea ?


two of my favorite japanese illustrator for some years now, wakaba, and lotus eater

and, i just wanna say it out loud that,

studio violet i love you !



in my

小 little
房間 room

2006 - 2009

late breakfast in bed
reading a japanese manga named little forest

i love flyers ( d m ), i really really do

can't help but bring some home with me everytime when i see nice flyers no matter where i go ( so most of the time, what i brought back from traveling abroad are papers, all kinds of papers ! )

if you're a paper or flyer monster like me,
please look at this

it will makes your heart fulled of joys


it's friday today,
what's your weekend plan ?

have a nice weekend, my dear friends



green bean cakes, yum-yum :)

shadows of flowers are beautiful

old postcard series
tu me manques / i miss you

look at these polar bears !

oh oh and and,
i love this, dacafe

are you a sweet food monster like me ?
and what's your favorite sweet food ?



i made a notebook, sincerely yours, , for recording the journeys of all the packages i'll be making and sending out. mostly for the orders from my little online shop and also package exchanges with new and old friends around the world !


dear nara san

sometimes i really wish i can understand japanese, especially when i found nara san wrote something new on his diary blog

so, i'm wondering, who
( an artist ) do you love the most ?

can you share it with me ?

have a nice tuesday !



my little package finally made it to the far far away land, spain

now it's staying with a very nice lady, blanca helga ( who took these lovely lovely photos for me )

thank you, dear blanca !



life can be so wonderful

a japanese film made of 8mm camera with 5 stories of 5 different people and their lifes

this is story five, reasons to live

it's my favorite story in the film, also played by one of my favorite japanese actress, mikako ichikawa

it's friday today, are you feeling la la la ?

have a nice day !