i'm feeling so very lucky today, received some nice little packages over the world

i like my 3-legs deer very very very much, from naomi in isreal, who wrote me a very sweet little card

and the lovely postcard set from jeska in uk, who made very beautiful packaging

and and, a souvenir from a relative's japan trip

as for me, i just finished making the little books. now move on to make some little surprise gifts for people who will order things from my future little online shop

how are you ? i wonder.

i miss my friends very much. i've been living very solitude life these days, trying hard to focus on working on my own stuffs. i guess i'm just a very limited person, can only do one thing at a time.

but i hope you are all alright, healthy and happy. and i wish we can keep in touch again, like we used to be.

good night, my dear friends.




  1. beautiful images. that wrapping paper for ume is so lovely!

  2. thank you :)

    i lovelovelove japanese wrapping papers !