the cute little girl called sam, she made my day with this beautiful beautiful little package.

she's just amazing and talented. she's a magic and surprise maker. i love everything she drew and made. luck me, yes, luck me :)

they said it's a bad luck year for my birth pet ( sheep ), but why am i feeling so very lucky with all these wonderful people i know and the things they made ?

- - -

how about you, what are you feeling lucky about lately ?


day off today, so i made myself a big dinner

this one was a late night meal. i love stewed potatos. yum-yum

ate outside the other day with haruki murakami's norwegian wood, no matter how many times i read it, i never get tired of it. have you read it yet ?

after meal, let's have some coffee, shall we ?



i drew this the other day after shower.

have a nice day !


i feel so very lucky and happy, because i received this beautiful ceramic cup from sizima


the lovely package from japan makes me smile, both the cup and card are just perfect and beautiful ( thank you sizima san ! )


so i made some coffee with the cup

and then i wrapped the little gifts for some lovely girls, these are ceramic paper cranes

i wanna watch this japanese movie. i love the wooden house settings, i've always dreamed of living in an old wooden japanese house like this.

what is your dream house, i wonder.

coffee, anyone ?


- - -

iced latte for the lovely sandra



reasons to live


morning lights in my room

a promise i kept, a great journey i had

a white summer dress with pockets

what's your reasons to live, things that make you smile, things that make your heart melt ?




hana and alice

directed by shunji iwai╱it's one of my all time favorites :)

the lovely sandra juto makes me smile with her refreshing new blog look ( and this post )

thank you dear sandra !



day off

can't stand the summer heat ( 28~36°C ), so i spent the morning time sitting on the floor, drinking coffee, cutting some polka dot stickers, and reading a book about creative people and places in berlin

i miss berlin


in the afternoon, i went to some japanese zakka stores, and found these awfully cute pots

i wanna bring them home


afternoon tea at mogu ( booday shop ), they have some nice new books and magzines

i wanna bring them home, too

illustration from the japanese book pooka travel

just wanna say a little ‘ hi ! ’ to you



my souvenirs of today's little trip